Alpine Story | Elie Khoueiry – Certificate in Professional Cookery

Elie Khoueiry, Lebanon 

Certificate in Professional Cookery, March 2017

One of the best decisions i have made lately was to join Alpine Center, the Hospitality & Tourism Management Department of City Unity located in lovely Glyfada, for a 10-week course in Professional Cookery. I was aiming to take a short course in culinary arts to learn better about the world of food and learn some cooking skills, as i was a having a shift in career and found myself opening my own coffee shop. After a long search on the internet where most of the institutes offered longer courses with a long period of internship, I found the Alpine Center 10-week program.

You’ll get to participate in theory classes with first year culinary arts students, learn skills in practical classes and work in a professional environment. The best morning classes with chef Giorgio Spanakis, where all the magic happens. He’ll teach you the basic things, that’s where you get to learn the secrets of the culinary world, from fresh pasta to making soups, bread, stocks and sauces to every aspect of basic cookery. Basically this is where you learn to cook in a professional kitchen; sometimes you’ll make lunch for the students, some other times brunch and one of the best days we had was preparing a barbecue for the whole Alpine Center staff and students. You learn from the best in the business “The Grande” as we used to call him Chef Giorgio.

Let’s not forget the middle of the week class with Chef Giorgia Kofinas! I found her a very inspiring person as a person and a real professional and dedicated at work. Her experience and positive energy will amaze you and you’ll have the chance to participate in one of the most interesting practical classes, learn the spirit of cooking and learn how to cook the best Mediterranean dishes.

From the first day that I landed at the campus in lovely Glyfada, I was warmly welcomed by Mrs Hofmann who introduced me to the place, and since it was Saturday, took me out for lunch. Be sure, she and the Admissions Manager, Anastasia Konstantinidou will take care of you from the moment you step in the Alpine Center to the very end of your course.

All in all, I am grateful to have been able to attend this professional cookery 10 week course, and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to embark on a career in the culinary arts. I would also recommend the College to students who wish to specialize in hotel management and have a successful career in the hospitality world . My 10 weeks were perfect, I felt like i learned enough from one the best teachers and that I opened up since then to the world of culinary arts.

In closing, and in a few words, my sejour was really comfortable and the courses were more than interesting; the center of Athens was just a bus or tram ride away and the bus station was 1 minute away from the campus; you’ll get to meet the most amazing students from all over the world in a very friendly and professional environment, while enjoying the beach walks and peaceful Glyfada! Wait for me Alpine I might be back for the Master’s program.

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