WELLNESS 2030 |Challenges & Opportunities in the New Era of Wellness

PRESS RELEASE – Athens, GR, March 15th, 2022

Stavros Mavridis, General Manager at ΣOUL TAILORΣ, member of Eurotel Group, and accomplished expert in the spa and wellness industry, recently delivered an inspirational workshop to the Swiss Alpine Center students at the City Unity College seaside campus.  The goal of the workshop was to provide a holistic picture and understanding of the wellness industry – its history and evolution, the definitions of wellness and wellbeing, as well as to introduce various wellness dimensions.  

Mr. Mavridis explained the purpose and importance of the wellness industry within hospitality, especially as it booms in the post-pandemic era.  He went into detail about how services are developed and delivered to comply with the general concept and brand strategies of each hotel or organization. He further demonstrated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and case studies to highlight the importance of wellness services in a hospitality project.

Other topics discussed during the workshop were:

  • Wellness Real Estate: How the wellness industry is evolving beyond hotels, in a market that has a positive impact on people’s daily lives. 
  • Technology & Wellness: High-touch and high-tech. How technology supports the wellness business, enhances the guest’s journey, and increases staff productivity.  
  • Wellness out of Four Walls: Even in a room! More accessible, flexible, and readily available than ever before.
  • Introduction to the new era of Medical & Wellness:  An understanding of the benefits arising from these two sectors merging. Staff training on new modalities and therapies, and the new hybrid models of hotels and wellness spaces.

After captivating the students and involving them throughout the workshop, Mr. Mavridis introduced them to a world of new job opportunities within the exciting and fast-growing wellness industry.

As wellness has become an integral part of hotel services and the hospitality industry as a whole, guest demands have driven the creation of new roles in the sector.  The most prominent of these is a Wellness Concierge whose job is to oversee the guest’s journey, providing him with a tailored and holistic wellness experience.  Another is the Chief Wellness Officer (CWO), a corporate-level role, responsible for creating and maintaining wellness ecosystems with a culture that promotes, supports, and advocates for staff wellbeing. These individuals are strategists, collaborators, and policy-makers.

Since consumers seem keen to invest in their wellbeing, be it in nutrition, fitness, health, or mindfulness, the wellness industry will continue to evolve significantly. So too will a plethora of new employment opportunities within it. This is why industry enthusiasts should seize this occasion to learn new skill sets that will enable them to thrive professionally and competitively.

Stavros Mavridis, accomplished expert in the spa and wellness industry, delivered an inspirational workshop to Swiss Alpine Center students.


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