Internship Stories by Alpine Students

Liudmyla Hunchenko was at the Aegon Marriott Autograph Collection, Mykonos.

Why did I choose to work at the Aegon Marriott Autograph Collection in the year of their opening?

Every hotel opening is a complex project offering challenges and opportunities.  I was privileged to be part of the opening team of the Aegon Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel. As a beginner in the hospitality industry I knew I could not miss a chance to become a witness to Marriott growing beyond conventional services in Mykonos. I applied for a position in the Food & Beverage department, however the HR manager thought I have the qualities to soar as a Housekeeping Supervisor trainee which I was happy to accept. Mykonos is known to be  an island that offers high quality tourism to a discerning target market. I have been told the work would not be easy. However, I believe this is exactly what made the experience valuable and the work worth the effort.

What did I do during my internship?

I was not aware that the construction was not completed when I arrived for my internship in April.  My immediate reaction was:  ummm, what a great opportunity I have right there! Where else would I get a chance to learn how the furnishing process is organised or how much time it would take to learn every standard requirement for mattress sizes in a Double Queen?  There is a long list of attributes that a room must possess in order for the hotel to be considered a luxury hotel.  I learned a lot about the fundamental features that the guest will look for in a luxury bedroom.

The first few months were a huge learning experience with regards to complex setting up of a hotel to make it ready in every aspect to receive guests.

The opening month of August and from September to October were full of intense supervising experience. I had an opportunity to fulfil the morning organising responsibility, afternoon’s controlling and evening’s motivational roles. The most of everything I know now about Housekeeping I owe to my mentor and role model Gkerta Meni. Thanks to her restless enthusiasm and exquisite knowledge I had space to implement all of my vision to the process.

What was the best part of the internship?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it was the very last day before the opening. Late on the evening of 3rd of August when all the various teams, exhausted but happy, were sitting in the Lounge area anticipating and picturing a blurred image of the first longed-for guest. The understanding that all of the hard work is done and the hardest, more scrupulous one is now the awaiting with great anticipation, that was the greatest moment of the whole experience.

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