News From Our Alumni – Chef Mohamad Hammoud

Chef Mohamad cooking outdoors in his village in Lebanon during lockdown!

A graduate of the Culinary Arts program and holder of the Swiss Alpine Diploma in Culinary Arts, Mohamad did his first two internships at SANI Resorts in Greece and his dream is to return to this beautiful destination and Greece where he studied at Alpine Center.

In the meantime and after graduating, Mohamad worked in Lebanon and then moved to Kuwait where he was Chef de Partie for Fol O Yasmine, a Lebanese restaurant.  He then joined the largest foodservice company in Kuwait, Kout Food Group that manages and operates internationally recognized brand names of Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Applebee’s, Kababji, and Burj Al Hamam. Building on their successful entrepreneurial spirit, Scoop a Cone and Ayyame, are part of the growing family of home-grown concepts committed to always bringing their customers new and innovative products of the best quality.

Chef Mohamad is so thrilled with his new appointment with Kout Food Group as Head Chef and Kitchen Developer for Cloud Kitchen Oriental Cuisine. 

I asked Mohamad to tell us more about Cloud Kitchens and their future.  And that’s what he had to say:

Cloud kitchens are centralized food production facilities where brands can rent a space to prepare food items exclusively for delivery or takeout. The orders come directly from customers who utilize the brands’ online platforms or a third-party ordering and delivery system.  Especially now and during the pandemic, takeout and deliveries have soared as people prefer to stay safe at home.

”When I asked him, what is the secret behind his successful career, he said: “Firstly, passion and respect for the profession; secondly Chef Rudie Luetolf our amazing  instructor at Swiss Alpine Center who was very knowledgeable and strict and motivated us; all the great chefs I have been  fortunate to work with; and  finally, all the opportunities that were opened to me gave  me  the confidence  that I can make it to the top, and that’s my  goal”.

Chef Mohamad ended by saying, in tribute to his dear Mother that he lost this summer: “My constant motto is that I have decided to become the second greatest chef in history after my mom, and anything else would be a waste of my time and a distraction of my thinking.”

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