Annual Pita Cutting at Swiss Alpine Center!

The tradition of baking and cutting a special “pita” (which can mean a loaf of bread, or a cake) is followed by families, organizations, schools, clubs and companies at the beginning of each year. The sweetness of the bread symbolizes the hope that the New Year will be filled with the sweetness of life, liberty, health and happiness for all that participate in cutting of the ‘Vasilopita.’

Our Hospitality Management school had its Pita Cutting ceremony for 2020 at the premises of the Greek Campus of City Unity College.  The President of City Unity College, Harris Geronikolas welcomed students, faculty and staff and wished them a very Happy New Year.  He further thanked the faculty for doing a great job at preparing students for brilliant careers.  Sybil Hofmann, President of Swiss Alpine Center wished students a year filled with high energies and greater focus on their studies to make their dreams a reality.  She reminded them of two upcoming occasions: Career Days and the Final Exams and urged them to set their goals right and get the right internship.  She added that they will be lost for choice as so many hotels are participating in Career Days and are eager to hire them. 

The reason behind our certainty and positivity towards our students being successful as interns as well as scholars lies in the great preparation throughout their academic path to become great professionals in their chosen field of study:  hospitality and tourism management or culinary arts management.

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Swiss Alpine Center

the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management is celebrating 32 years. Established in Athens in 1987, it is the pioneer of hospitality management education, a la Suisse! Alpine has attracted students from over 70 countries in the last three decades, making it a truly international institute of learning.

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