Michaela Michailidou was at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa, Italy

After completing my first academic year of studies, enrolled on the Swiss Alpine Center and Cardiff Metropolitan University programs of study at  City Unity Educational Group, I fulfilled my first internship as a front desk trainee in the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa in Venice, Italy.

Why did I choose to work at the Marriott in Venice?

The rich history, fascinating culture, great attractions, and famous cuisine are some of the reasons why Italy is one of the largest tourist destinations of Europe. Having that in mind, working in Venice would be a great experience for me, so I took the opportunity and became a member of the JW family in April 2019. Marriott International is a multinational hospitality company with global presence in 110 countries and more than 5,700 properties over the world. The amount of properties owned makes Marriott International the world’s second largest hotel company. The educational level of my studies had prepared me to work for luxury tourism and joining Marriott was the step that would guarantee the take off, of my career.

What did I do during my internship and what skills did I acquire?

During my internship I had the privilege to cooperate with many experienced professionals who stayed by my side every step of the way and made sure I was trained sufficiently. During this time I was introduced to the customer service, I was taught to perform check in and check outs, set bills, respond to guest emails and phone calls and provide any possible assistance to our valued guests. The company’s culture of providing equal rights to all the employees has resulted in the creation of a training platform where I could perform trainings which not only boosted my performance but expanded my educational background and management skills too.

What was the best part of the internship?

During this six-month training I created beautiful memories and gained a special experience. If I were to choose the best part of it, that would be when I started gaining the trust of my supervisors and colleagues and I was given more freedom to take initiatives and finally become a valuable member of the team. The feeling that the team could count on me was incredibly positive and motivated me to learn as much as I can in order to perform my role in the best possible way.

How has the internship helped me with the start of my career in hotel management?

Having had such a valuable experience in my first internship helped me in many aspects of my professional and personal life. By the end of it I felt more mature, with a greater sense of responsibility and professionalism. This internship helped me prove to myself that I have chosen the right career path and grew the extent of my passion and interest in the hospitality industry.

Swiss Alpine Center

the Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management is celebrating 32 years. Established in Athens in 1987, it is the pioneer of hospitality management education, a la Suisse! Alpine has attracted students from over 70 countries in the last three decades, making it a truly international institute of learning.

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